MidTerm Elections - A Lot at Stake for Businesses

The 2018 midterm elections are shaping up to be one of the most critical elections in modern history. The stakes are high for everyone including businesses. This election could have a dramatic impact on the 5 top issues that N.C. Voters identified in a recent poll - 1) education, 2) health care, 3) economy, 4) wages and 5) taxes. 

midterm photo.jpg

In the N.C. General Assembly every seat in the 120-seat N.C. House and 50-seat N.C. Senate is in play, making this a very heated election. Additionally, there are scores of judicial races including a seat on N.C. Supreme Court.

North Carolina Business Council is a non-partisan business organization that promotes triple bottom line business practices – people, planet and profit.

While we refrain from endorsing individual candidates, we do want our members and the business community to be informed about all the candidates and the issues at stake. Therefore, our next series of e-newsletters will be providing information about the upcoming elections, and the six proposed Constitutional Amendments that will be on the November ballot. 

Remember: Early voting will be held October 18 to November 3. Election Day is November 6. Here are some helpful links to get you prepared for 2018 midterm elections: