QUIZ: Name the 6 Constitutional Amendments On November's Ballot

Do you know what will happen if each of the proposed six constitutional amendments are passed on November 6? If you don't, you are not alone.

Many voters are just learning about them. The good news is there is still time to find out and NCBC will help keep you informed.

Below is a quick reference guide of the amendments and a link to each bill. But first, let's see how much you already know. You can take this 10-question QUIZ and get your score at Longleaf Politics. You can also read a brief summary of each proposed amendment at the same site. Longleaf Politics.

1) Voter ID

House Bill 1092

2) Income tax cap at 7%

Senate Bill 75

3) Victims’ rights

House Bill 551

4) Bipartisan elections board and appointment control

House Bill 913

5) Right to hunt and fish

Senate Bill 677

6) Merit system for filling judicial vacancies

Senate Bill 81