North Carolina Business Council is a statewide non-profit business association with a mission to connect, empower and influence business leaders to build a vibrant economy that sustains local communities, protects our natural resources, and benefits all North Carolinians. 


We carry out NCBC's mission through:

Economic Development

Leveraging our resources and community partnerships, we help stimulate sustainable economic growth and transformation statewide, both directly and cooperatively with aligned organizations to:

  • Increase awareness of the triple-bottom-line business practice of people.planet.prosperity.

  • Promote local businesses, services and products.

  • Advocate for living wages.

  • Help facilitate government procurement for sustainable suppliers and vendors.


We provide useful resources and information to help enhance our members’ triple bottom line business practices.  Empowering our members to provide innovative solutions to economic, social and environmental problems, we share such successes with policy makers, legislative bodies, news media, and the general public via:

  • Sustainable expert roundtables

  • Specialized training series

  • Seminars, workshops and classes

  • Case studies

  • Webinars

  • Sustainable business tours

Public Influence

We initiate meaningful, nonpartisan advancement in public policy that promotes equity and sustainability throughout the business industry. We work to amplify the economic benefits of socially responsible businesses practices to legislative bodies, news media, and the general public by hosting:

  • Community forums

  • Summits

  • Round-table discussions

  • Meet & greets policy makers, legislators and government officials


We facilitate value-added connections among the community of business people focusing on socially responsible businesses and initiate peer-to-peer sharing of triple-bottom-line practices that focuses on people, planet and profit and policies to encourage more leading edge practices that improve our economy, community and environment by convening:

  • Sustainable expert roundtables

  • Social networking opportunities

  • Annual awards luncheons

  • Advocacy events




NCBC is the business advocacy organization that I wish had existed when I moved my business here from VA. Without an organization like NCBC, thoughtful business owners may have a sense that their voice is not being heard.
— Lloyd Smith, Cortech Solutions