We, business owners and tax paying residents of NC, have the POWER to make our communities safe and healthy for everyone, not just a select few. We have to let our state policy makers know we are watching them and we have a VOICE.  Help NCBC educate the public about why a permanent Income Tax Cap threathens NC's economic stability.


As business leaders from numerous sectors and companies of all sizes, we serve hundreds of millions of customers across the state and throughout the United States, thanks in part to our great educational system and safe communities. We are deeply concerned by the NC General Assembly's decision to push for a Constitutional amendment to freeze the Income Tax Cap at 7%.

Lowering the state's Income Tax revenue undermines our free market economy by limiting our ability to provide adequate public services to our state's growing population and invest in the proven strategies that help businesses thrive—a high quality education system and the infrastructure to connect to markets and workers.  It will do nothing to keep taxes low, and it is likely to lead to pressures to raise sales and property taxes, which will eat into middle class families’ paychecks and many of our consumers. 

Our businesses can ill afford a future in which our elected leaders are not able to flexibly respond to economic change and opportunity.

 All of us rely on these public services and they serve as vital engine of our business productivity, innovation and growth. We should not disrupt and damage the backbone of the state's economy in this way.

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10 Reasons Why NoTax Cap

Reason #1: It would put our children's education at risk. Learn more

Reason #2: It would threaten our state's bond rating. Learn more

Reason #3: It could force property and state taxes to increase. Learn more

Reason #4: It could hurt homegrown small businesses. Learn more

Reason #5: It would hit women particularly hard. Learn more

Reason #6: It would undermine equity. Learn more

Reason #7: It would put the health and well-being of North Carolinians at risk. Learn more

Reason #8: It would make N.C. ill-prepared to care for our elders. Learn more

Reason #9: It would threaten our state's natural resources and quality of life. Learn more

Reason #10: It would threaten our democracy. Learn more