The NC Business Council’s Sustainable Business Awards Recognizes Local Businesses Doing “Good” While Doing Well

This annual hallmark event recognizes businesses in North Carolina that are committed to the triple bottom line -— advancing the interests of people, planet, and profit through innovative practices, products, and services. From small local farms to large corporations, we honor their commitments to social responsibility and environmental stewardship.


Judging criteria:

  • Company contributes to the environmental health of North Carolina through sustainable environmental practices such as the use of environmentally-friendly products, waste reduction, managing consumption of energy and non-renewables, recycling, toxic substances mitigation and/or LEED construction.

  • Company strives to be a good citizen of the state through fair and beneficial business practices such as programs to improve work environment, diversity, employee benefits, community impact and charitable outreach programs.

  • Company contributes to the overall economic health of North Carolina through local hiring or purchasing, product/service innovation based on customer needs, community infrastructure, employment growth and reinvestment.

  • Company uses its voice and influence to advance equitable economic policies that benefit all businesses in North Carolina.


Nomination Categories:

  • Innovative Process-Product Award: Recognizes an internal process or a process associated with producing a unique and creative product or service that creates triple bottom line benefits, such as energy efficiency, material efficiency, employee productivity or community enrichment.

  • Sustainable Champion Award: Recognizes an individual that embraces the possibilities of change and integrates principles of sustainability into day-to-day business. This nominee serves as a champion in their workplace to move the organization towards sustainable business practices, policies and/or operations The Sustainability Champion Award is designed to recognize the vision and commitment of individuals that often go unrecognized.

  • Visionary Leadership Award: Recognizes executives within businesses that see beyond the short-term, market driven actions and position their business, or sector, for success over the long term. These individuals often embrace the triple bottom line approach and move with a sense of urgency in their conviction and dedication to their work. The nominee sees a better way for the business to serve all their stakeholders, from shareholders to employees and from customers to community members. This individual shows an outstanding commitment to sustainable business practices and is a model for others.

  • Sustainable Business of the Year Award: Recognizes a company that has clearly demonstrated longstanding support for corporate sustainability initiatives and have excelled in advancing the interests of people, planet, and profit through innovative practices, products, and services.


What are we looking for?
We are looking to hear your story.  
We know that each business, product, and process are different and that creative and unique solutions to integrating sustainability are happening. We encourage any business with any product or process they consider to be sustainable to apply.

For the Leadership Awards, think about those that inspire you or work hard to move sustainability forward without the recognition they deserve. Feel free to self nominate or nominate others you feel worthy of an award! 

How we evaluate applicants:
Applications will be divided by award category and scored by members of the North Carolina Business Council’s Board of Directors. There will be one winner selected per category.


Nominations Deadline:
All nominations are due by October 21, 2019.