Our Vision: We envision a business environment where profit isn’t the only goal, and where being socially responsible is the normal expectation for being a successful business.  Two decades ago, this seemed radical.  But in recent years, we have seen more and more businesses incorporate these core values into their business models, with great success.  North Carolina Business Council was created in 2014 by business leaders who advanced a business ethic that values multiple bottom lines – economic, social and environmental.

NCBC continues to expand these core values by advancing responsible state polices and educating business people on triple-bottom-line practices, which benefit people, planet and profit. We seek input from all of our stakeholders and join with other thought leaders to help shape a transformative economic system in North Carolina that offers positive share values where all people have the opportunity to participate in and reap the benefits of a growing economy

Through determination, hard work and a commitment to providing high quality service, NCBC members will continue to hold that visionary light for our state, leading the way for future generations. The following core principles will guide NCBC to best serve our members and our state in achieving this objective.  We welcome your participation.

Our Statement of Principles:

  • Local businesses are the major driver of a healthy North Carolina economy.
  • Business leaders motivated by "doing well by doing good" act in the best interest of all North Carolinians.
  • Responsible economic development raises the standard of living of all North Carolinians.
  • Companies that are growing and creating jobs should lead the way in developing fair and balanced tax policy.
  • Good environmental policies enhance businesses at the forefront of job creation and attract desirable industries.
  • Investments in education and infrastructure will yield an innovative and prosperous citizenry.
  • Promoting North Carolina’s local products and services strengthens our economy, raises wages, and builds in-state wealth.
  • Clean energy and green building are economic development and job growth opportunities that improve health and quality of life for North Carolinians.
  • Business leaders have a social responsibility to improve the environment in which we live and work, thereby improving the health of citizens.