NCBC Members Speak Out on Proposed Tax Cap Amendment

NCBC members’ voices were heard loud and clear over the past two weeks:

1.      NCBC business members participated in an online press conference which resulted in a news article in the News and Observer.

2.      NCBC business members spoke during an online Town Hall meeting discussing the effects a permanent tax cap could have on their business.

3.      NCBC wrote two opinion letters that were featured in the News & Observer and

4.      NCBC Executive Director, Vicki Lee Parker, was a guest speaker on the news show “Education Matters” where she discussed how SB75 could hurt business' bottom-line if consumers are forced to spend more on sales taxes and other state and local excise taxes. (She appeared with Kel Landis, a co-founder and Partner of Plexus Capital, who has over 30 years of experience in banking, financial services, investment management, and private capital, including as the long-time CEO of RBC Centura Bank.)

5.      NCBC's Executive Director spoke before the NC House Rules Committee about the concerns some businesses have with implementing a permanent tax cap.