Smart Business Strategies to Reduce Waste and Save Money

You have heard that wasting products is like throwing money out of the window? Whether it is paper, water, energy or toxic waste it’s costing you. In fact, you are paying for it twice – once when you buy it and second when you throw it away.  The bottom line is that preventing and reducing waste will save you money.

Having less waste reduces costs associated with the need to handle, treat, and dispose of byproducts. You can start small. Here are some easy steps you can take today to limit or prevent wastes:

  • Purchase durable, long-lasting materials and supplies, such as LED lights, sustainable furnishings, and reusable mugs, cups, plates, bowls, and cutlery in your office kitchen 
  • Strive to eliminate raw materials that are not incorporated into your final product or service
  • Use toxic free materials and products
  • Use recyclable packaging and minimize packaging materials
  • Conserve water and/or energy by installing motion light switches, run a full dishwasher late in the afternoon and replace bottled waters with water filter pitchers
  • Implement a recycling process for all office supplies and materials including batteries, ink, paper and old furniture
  • Make two-sided copies and use e-mails instead of printed copies.

    Many waste prevention efforts are inexpensive and simple to implement.  It is a matter of making a commitment to “change for good.”  Actually, many companies, regardless of size, are finding that waste reduction is a smart business strategy. In addition to saving money, it can help improve worker safety, reduce liability, and enhance your brand in the community. Furthermore, if your corporate waste is regulated under state or federal law, your prevention efforts might help to avoid costly permits and government approvals.

Finally, it's the right thing to do! 
In addition to these financial gains, waste prevention is the right thing to do. Waste prevention reduces pollution making communities a safer, healthier place to live. We all benefit when the environment and our communities are protected. And your company is recognized as a good corporate citizen. In addition to taking these steps, you can have a broader impact by advocating for policies that encourage all businesses to reduce their waste. Visit NC Conservation Network site to make your VOICE heard.

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