Top 10 Things That Business Owners Worry About!

Immediately after being named the new Executive Director of NCBC earlier this year, I wanted to put my finger on the pulse of the progressive businesses

we would be advocating for. I began by questioning as many business owners as possible. I wanted to know what was keeping them up at night. Ok, honestly, what I really wanted to know was how high did NCBC's advocacy work with the state policy leaders and lawmakers rank on their list of priorities? I assumed, like most people would, that there were a number of other issues that would clearly be in top 5, such as access to capital, increasing sales, cash flow and adding more customers. But most people I questioned told me that having a clear, strong voice in halls of the state's general assembly was paramount especially in light of bills such as HB2 and those that have threatened to erode the health of our environment. I was starting to wonder whether they were just telling me what I wanted to hear, when I found a article about  the 2017 National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) Small Business Problems and Priorities Survey. According to the NFIB survey, which included a 15% response from 20,000 members, surprisingly getting a loan came in nearly last, at #70 out of 75. Even cash flow was ranked #25. The survey revealed that the business owners I was talking with weren't just trying to appease me. Issues relating to the government were indeed foremost on their minds.

So what were the top five issues? Let's see how many you got correct.  1) Cost of health care. 2) Oppressive government regulations. 3) Federal income tax. 4) Uncertain economic conditions. 5) Tax complexity. In fact, 9 out of the top 10 items that business owners worried about most related to the government. This assured me of two important facts: One, that NCBC was very relevant today and two, that we have the opportunity to have a major positive impact on the more than 850,000 businesses across the state. With that, I am both honored and humbled to be leading this great organization. Vicki Lee Parker, Executive Director..

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